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There is a new Bible Quiz page, with a new Quiz everyday.

There is a new feature video 11/14

There are 3 new Bible Quiz chapters on Revelations added 2/16/12***

I'm going to add a featured video on the index page each month.

Below I will add new articles as I put them on the site.

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Preach the Gospel With Words

Check out Rev's recipes, and add you own favorites to share with everyone.


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These Articles below and more can be found on End-Time Articles also

New Bible Quiz Questions**2/16/12**On Revelations

Hal Lindsey State of Man in the last days    New Oct23

We must never forget!!!!

The Day is Coming  by Rev  

Hell is not  fun...NEW!!

A Pale Horse  ****New Must SEE***

New Music*** a new Peach page   7/27/11*****

God Bless America

Rev's Video Messages are here.

Is Rapture in 2011 or 2012

The Glory of God in End-Times---True stories showing the Glory of God

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