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What would you hear if you listened to your heart?

Don't let this happen to you--Plant the Seed

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Prayer Blog
Come to the Prayer blog and pray, lifting your fear, problems, joys, and hopes to the Lord.
Pray for our country, Israel, Egypt anything the Lord puts on your heart.
NBM will agree with you in prayer.
Matthew 18:19 "Again I say to you that if two of you agree on Earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven."
We will try to put a new prayer there every week for you to agree with us.
Let's pray this world into heaven!!!!

                      AMERICA WAKE UP!!!!
        Turn to Jesus before it's too Late
    Pray God covers America, Israel, and the Christian's            around the world
                     Under Psalm 91
                   THIS SONG SAYS IT ALL
                            I AM AMERICA

You Sure Do Need Him Now
Jesus, We Just Want To Thank You Lord
Thanks To Calvary  
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National Anthem
One Nation Under God
America the Beautiful
Battle Hymn of The Republic
God Bless America
AmazingFree-Flying Bald Eagle
We Still Have Hero's
16 Tons
The aim of this website is to make available to all of us the prophesies of the Bible that have come to pass and those that remain to be fulfilled.  We will work to bring you all the latest prophesies that we believe are biblically sound.  We will not use prophesies that attempt to date set the return of Jesus for the dead in Christ and the church or His second coming. 
tIf you are searching the Net to find out what happened to millions of people who disappeared, and all that was left were the clothes they were wearing, you have just witnessed the Rapture of the Christians who accepted Jesus as their Savior.

Yes, your loved ones tried to tell you about Jesus, but sadly you were too busy to listen. The only time you even mentioned Jesus when you took His name in vain.

You were lead to this web site by the Lord Jesus. It is not too late for you.  Ask Jesus into your life, to forgive your sins. Thank Him for the chance He is giving you to be saved, and follow His direction. Be aware it is not going to be easy, but He will always be near.

The first thing you need to do is try this link
VersionInfo&vid=45#vinfo  If it is not working, get a Bible and read Revelation. It will tell you what is going to happen. The age of grace is over and the people who believed and accepted Jesus are with Him now. He Raptured them off the earth and into heaven with Him. It was NOT space ships or anything else the people are saying. Read the Bible and find out what is coming. This is your last chance, you can be saved and go to heaven in the tribulation period, but it will cost you your life.

Find other people who are now believers, and work together to serve the Lord. The people at New Beginning Ministry, have been praying for you to be saved. If you are reading this and the Rapture has happened, the Lord is still honoring our prayers. He directed you to this site. Listen to Him because this is your last chance to be saved. He loves you, He died for you, and He led you to this site. We pray you will open your heart and believe!

Thank God our prayers are being answered even after we are gone.

Here are several passages to look up, to help you get started.

New Testament Matthew Chapter 24-25
New Testament Mark Chapter 13
New Testament Luke Chapter 17 verse 20-37

God bless you, 

Watch this amazing music video to get some idea of what Jesus did for us all with His own life and body.
Don't be duped.  Get the truth!  There is a hell, and it will have a large population.  Read this excerpt from Pastor Suzanne's Bible Study of Hell.

You lived next door to me for years,
We shared our dreams, our joys and tears.
My faith in you was strong and sure,
We had such trust as should endure.
No spats between us ever rose,
Our friends were like, and so our foes.
What sadness then, my friend to find,
That after all, you weren't so kind.
The day my life on earth did end,
I found you were not, a faithful friend.
For all those years we spent on earth,
You never talked of my second birth.
You never spoke of my lost soul,
Or of Christ, who could make me whole.
Now there's nothing you can do for me,
And no words today, my bonds can free.
So today i plead from Hell's cruel fire,
Please try to grant my last desire.
And do not err, my friend again,
But do your best, to reach our friends.
Plead with them all, quite earnestly,
Lest they be cast into Hell with me.
The Fruit of Our Labors
Earl Scoles Sr.
Please watch this video to the end.
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